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Research&Consulting Service


HZResearch management consulting firm (HZResearch Inc.)  was established in Beijing in 1999. HZResearch is the Professional Market Research&Consulting Company In China who provides Industry Segmentation Research, market Segmentation Research,Competitor Research,Channels Research,User Research Service. 

HZResearch completed a large number of industry segments, market segments and other special research projects successfully each year. 

HZResearch provides tens of thousands of copies of business credit reports for domestic and foreign enterprises to help enterprises control the business risk. 

HZResearch is the ideal partner for not only Multinational companies entering the Chinese market but also domestic enterprises to enter international markets. 


Investment and financing market adviser

HZResearch has a number of successful experience in listed companies,for companies listed at home and abroad to provide consultancy services, including market framework design, market place and timing, selection of intermediaries. 

To provide consultancy services listed IPO, IPO the sub-industry research, IPO industry investment feasibility studies, private equity financing of high-tech enterprises, enterprise restructuring, corporate mergers and acquisitions, investment and financing services.

Industry Analysis

HZResearch has a number of successful experience in industry research, through a large number of industries and corporate data, analysis the industry profitability, solvency, growth, concentration, competition , accurately reflect the industry potential development, to provide investment information for domestic and foreign investment institutions, investors, brokers, financial institutions. 

Provide industry research, sub-industry research, industry investment feasibility studies and investment opportunities monitoring services.

Market Research

HZResearch has a number of successful experience in market research. After many years of accumulation and business development on projects, We can Use scientific research methods and strict quality control process to provide first-class market research consulting services for our customers interests. 

Provide market segmentation research, competitor research, market entry research, channel research and user research services.

Business Credit Investigation

HZResearch has a number of successful experience in Business Credit Investigation. 

HZResearch is an international professional credit report rating agencies in China, tens of thousands of copies of credit reports have been completed.
To provide credit reports, credit investigation, credit consulting, credit monitoring services.

HZResearch advantage

HZResearch has strict quality control system; 

HZResearch has developed a commercial database; 

HZResearch has a national data collection network; 

HZResearch has a number of industry research success cases; 

HZResearch has a professional research team and expert consultants; 

HZResearch has Porter industry analysis system model ; 

HZResearch has smooth channels and good relations between government agencies; 

HZResearch has the international advanced market research model and professional model for quantitative analysis of data; 

If you would like more HZResearch specific research, customer solutions , research reports, research views,Please contact us directly 

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