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Standard Credit Report

including corporate registration information, organizational structure and management, history and social files, business conditions, the financial position, HZResearch credit rating. 

Business Credit Investigation

HZResearch has a number of successful experience in Business Credit Investigation. 

HZResearch is an international professional credit report rating agencies in China, tens of thousands of copies of credit reports have been completed. 

To provide credit reports, credit investigation, credit consulting, credit monitoring services.

Main services

Enterprise Registered Report : Enterprise of the business registration information. 

Enterprise financial reporting: the basic contact information including business, corporate financial data. 

Depth of credit report: Based on the standard credit report, surveyed more depth investigation, research and analysis. 

Credit monitoring report: the status of regular monitoring of corporate credit. 

Features credit report


Hundred percent official channels of data, all enterprise business system of the original file data. 


Complete rigorous reporting structure, the report informative rich. HZResearch independent development of enterprise credit evaluation model, both characteristics and internationalization and localization. 


Print version, electronic format 

Download the HZResearch - Sample of Business Credit Repor

HZResearch advantage

HZResearch has strict quality control system; 

HZResearch has developed a commercial database; 

HZResearch has a national data collection network; 

HZResearch has a number of industry research success cases; 

HZResearch has a professional research team and expert consultants; 

HZResearch has Porter industry analysis system model ; 

HZResearch has smooth channels and good relations between government agencies; 

HZResearch has the international advanced market research model and professional model for quantitative analysis of data; 

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